Saturday, July 21, 2018

1999 Topps Hall of Fame Collection

Here are a few additional cards I picked up from Play at the Plate's recent dime sale on Twitter.

When I saw these cards I knew I was going after the set but I didn't know exactly which ones I still needed, but with it being a Twitter dime sale there was no time to check. I just claimed all of them.

Out of the 5 I got, I needed 3 for my set.

I like the simple design with the Hall of Fame plaque in the background and a black and white photo in the foreground. When these cards first came out back in 1999, I had recently been to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, so I think that's why these cards resonate with me.

The other two cards were dupes but initially I thought they would be a good fit for my Reggie Jackson and multiple bats collections, but it turns out I already have them in those binders as well, so if anyone is looking for the Reggie Jackson or Eddie Mathews cards below just let me know.

I still need the Mike Schmidt and Whitey Ford cards to complete this set. If you have them and would consider a trade, please let me know.

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  1. Don't think I've ever noticed how goofy Reggie looks on his HOF plaque. Best of luck on completing this set.