Monday, February 11, 2019

What would you pay for it?

From the same seller on Facebook that I mentioned in my post yesterday, I picked up a vintage Yankee lot back in December and it came with this card.

A 1953 Topps Yogi Berra, or should I say "Gi Berra".

The card is literally following apart. It would not surprise me if this card was in some kid's bicycle spokes back in 1953. The two holes make me think it was hug up somewhere, at some point, but with what and where? If you have any thoughts on the origin story of the holes, please let me know.

My question for you is, what would you pay for it? I'm not selling it, but I'm trying to determine it's value. I have a price in mind that I would pay for this card individually. Again, I got this card as part of a lot. Would you pay $1 for it? How about $2? What is the most you'd pay for this card in this condition?


  1. Technically the card has a value of $20-40.00 in this condition. I could see my self paying $10-15.00 for it. As for the holes, they appear as if they were in some type of "booklet", small binder, etc... That would be my guess. Cool pick up.

  2. I would pass if it was more than $5.

  3. I'd pay $5 to $10... maybe a tad more.

    I am a sucker for cards like this as there is obviously some history to it. Cards this old in perfect condition usually have spent their life sitting in the dark in a closet. No fun in that.

    This card saw a lot.

  4. I'd definitely do $10 and then I would place in my HOF binder with pride.
    If you were selling this for $1 or $2 (as you suggested) at a card show, then I would ask immediately if you had any more cards beat-up vintage stars.

  5. I love this card! It has so much character. I'd probably pay up to $5 for it.