Sunday, December 15, 2019

100 Pounds - 100 Cards - Card #8

You are going to see several Paul Goldschmidt cards among my 100 favorite cards in my collection because he has been the focus of my collecting for the past several years, but I'm going to try to spread them out and give you about once a week.

Here is a Topps Own the Name 1/1 of Goldschmidt featuring the letter D. I've got a few these Own the Name cards of Goldschmidt from various Topps products and years. Someday I'd like to put together his entire name. G O L D S C H M I D T. Kinda wish his name wasn't so long, but the challenge just makes it that much more fun!


  1. Camo lettering, too? That's awesome!

  2. Awesome and good luck.
    I accomplished a frankenset of McCutchen lettering and bought a custom case for it once completed. It is displayed prominently in my collection.

  3. Which letters do you already have?