Tuesday, January 14, 2020

100 Pounds - 100 Cards - Card #38

We got back from Six Flags Magic Mountain late last night (actually it was early this morning - about  1:30 am) and then I had to work today, so I’m tired, but I’m still going to get a quick post in for my 100 pounds - 100 Cards posts.

Card #38 is a rookie card of Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio. I picked this up from a guy on Facebook in 2019. I bought a bunch of vintage, mostly Hall of Fame rookie cards from the same guy. Great deals for some awesome cards. The condition isn’t perfect by any means, but I still think most of the cards look nice.

Here are a couple pics from Magic Mountain. We went for a couple of days and had a blast! I hadn’t been in almost 15 years.  Anybody been to Magic Mountain before or any of the other Six Flags parks. We did Knottsberry Farm season passes last year and so we did Magic Mountain this year. Goliath was a family favorite. My favorite ride was probably one called Crazanity. Not a roller coaster, but a pendulum ride. The Superman ride was closed, but I did go on Lex Luther’s Drop of Doom with my oldest.


  1. That's a fun Aparicio.
    I just learned about Knottsberry Farm this past summer. Very cool.

  2. Nice card. I'll pick one up eventually for my 1956 Topps HOF PC. Sounds like you're gonna sleep well tonight. Or maybe it was last night. Anyways... I haven't been to any of the Southern California theme parks since the 90's, but back then Magic Mountain was my favorite... followed by Disneyland, then Universal Studios, then Knottsberry Farm. I'm sure a lot has changed over the years. If I could only choose one to go to, I'd probably go to Disneyland to see Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

  3. Theres a Six Flags about 20 minutes from me. I havent been there in years though. I would rather go to Disney on vacation than drive down the highway for Six Flags.

    Thats a nice looking rookie