Monday, July 13, 2020

2019 Stadium Club

Another small stack on my desk was of 2019 Stadium Club. I picked these up from a dime box at a card show at some point.

Let's break down the cards as to why I purchased them.

Some player collections. Good thing I still have the Griffey and Piazza binders out. I don't really collect Trout, but when I come across his cards for a dime, I have a hard time passing them up. I remember this being my first Goldschmidt card as a Cardinal. I'll pick up his Cardinals cards for a dime, but I'm not going after anything higher priced than that of Goldy unless he's in a D-Backs uniform.

Speaking of the D-Backs, here are 4 that I found. A quick search reveals that there are seven D-Backs cards in the set, so if you have the Jake Lamb, Adam Jones, and/or Archie Bradley let me know. Otherwise, I'm sure I can find them in another dime box at some point.

Here are a few cards for a couple of mini collections (awards and multiple bats).

And finally, just a few random cards that I liked. Mostly older players. I love the look of old players on new cards.

I've always been a fan of Stadium Club and will continue to raid dime boxes for great looking cards each year for my player collections and mini collections.

Are you a fan of Stadium Club? What cards do you look for if you are picking up singles?


  1. Love Stadium Club! Love the unique photography. I've become more of the "buy a complete set" kind of guy in recent years. So I typically don't scour dime boxes for them. Although, I'm attempting to build the 2017 set... so I'd be willing to pay a dime to cross of some of the cards on that list.

  2. I think Stadium Club is pretty nice, though a bit pricey. The photography is often outside-the-box and sometimes downright stunning.

  3. Stadium Club has always been reliable for great looking cards. Even in the early years there was enough wow for them to be interesting.

  4. If it was in the budget and I could only choose one, then Stadium Club would be the set I would build each year. As far as quality, I think it's the best product Topps produces year in and year out.
    That Banks is excellent... I'll have to add it to my want list.
    Oh, and I haven't met a collector who can pass up a Trout card in a dime box. LOL

  5. It's such an awesome set, year after year. And I spy a new Coors Field card to track down!