Tuesday, July 14, 2020


I found this 1990 Donruss Bo Jackson card in a a dime box several years ago and purchased it because of the stamp on the back that says, "FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY".

Anyone ever seen something like this before? What are your thoughts on what this card was used to promote? Card shop? Dealer at a Card Show? There is no company name on it, so I'm stumped.

If you aren't a fan of Groot you're in luck because I will be retiring him from the blog. I kept him around for 11 posts in honor of my 11th blog-o-versary that I missed in June thanks to Tom's suggestion.


  1. i believe they were sent to card shops to preview the new releases. I remember seeing them when I worked in a card shop

  2. I like Groot. His size is perfect for a cardboard display. I know nothing of his history (Guardians??) but he adds a fun touch. I have promo cards in my collection but none from Donruss.

  3. Very unique card. According to baseballcardpedia, Donruss Preview cards were sent to distributers and dealers who purchased from Donruss directly. The thing is your card back is different from the ones on COMC and on baseballcardpedia. Hope there's a card detective out there that can solve this mystery.



  4. Again, congrats on your 11th blog-o-versary! Love me some Groot and I'll be sad to him go, but all good things must come to end I suppose. :)

  5. My Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards (2010) does not mention these. It may have been "faked" to look more valuable. Still cool though.