Sunday, July 12, 2020

Mike Piazza Update

Yesterday I posted an update to my Griffey binders. Today it's time for my Piazza binders. Like Griffey I have two binders for my Piazza cards. 1992 - 1999 in the first binder and 2000 - current in the second binder, all sorted by year. Not nearly as many Piazza cards as I have of Griffey though.

Out of the 8 cards shown, I was only able to add 4 to the binder. The 1992 Donruss Triple Play In Action card didn't even showcase Piazza. It was Gary Carter.

I did add the 1995 Topps Pre Production card and the 1995 Topps CyberStats card to the base 1995 Topps card, which was nice.

I also added this 1998 Donruss Preferred card to the binder as well. Just like the Griffey from the same set, I think this came from a comc order a while back.

Griffey and Piazza were my two favorite players as a kid and I enjoy looking through the binders every once in a while. With adding these cards to the binders it brings the total to 610 cards unique Piazza cards. Barely over half of my Griffey total. As with Griffey, the binders don't include any rookies or autographs and relic cards.

For those of you that are player collectors, who is your second favorite player and how does that collection compare to that of your favorite player?


  1. Nice Piazzas! 95 Topps features exc photo choices for Mikey. It's hard for me to pick an overall favorite. My favorites tend to align with eras. Cobb is my Deadball guy while Altuve is a current player fave. These are the top two players in my collection but it's hard to choose one over the other. Daulton, Piazza and Ripken would certainly be in the top five overall. TCDB says I have 882 different Piazzas but Altuve is right behind at 842. Ripken is third with 490 while Daulton is fifth with 367.

    1. I'm with Julie on this one. I'm definitely an era guy.
      I started with Sandberg (approaching 1000 cards), moved on to Kerry Wood (around 570 cards) and now I'm all in on Vogelbach (nearing 500). I'll pick up Sandberg and Wood cards when I come across them, but I usually don't actively pursue them.

  2. I have had a Cal Ripken Jr collection for over 30 years and have several cards and I still add to that collection, but I have started a Francisco Lindor collection and would rather add to that collection first for any of my player collections.

  3. Both photos on the 1995 Topps cards are awesome... but I think I would have went with the one they used on the pre-production card.

    My second favorite player is Rickey Henderson... and the collection I own of his is probably less than half of what I have of Gwynn. My goal is to eventually boost my Rickey collection through Sportlots at some point.