Sunday, September 27, 2020

Card Back Questions and Cartoons

Card backs don't always get the credit they deserve. I was taking a look at some 2013 Archives cards trying to decide what to do with them and I looked at the backs.

I ran across something interesting. Check out the question on the back of the Tyler Skaggs and Joe Nathan cards based on the 1972 Topps design.

At least the cartoons are different.

There are only 50 cards featuring the 1972 Topps design in the 2013 Archives set and they repeated the question on two cards. Was that a thing in the original 1972 Topps set?

It didn't happen just once either. Here are two other cards with the same questions. 

Again, same question, but different cartoon.

I only had 9 cards out of the 50 with the 1972 design, so I suppose it's possible that every question is repeated. If it was done in the original set, then I get it, but if not, then it's strange. 

If you have insight into the original 1972 set, let me know. I would also be interested to know if every question was repeated in the 2013 Archives set.


  1. I think it's just Topps being really, really lazy about card backs. Only the last cartoon even has anything to do with the question.

    1. I agree with Brett. Give me an hour or two and Google and I can come up with 50 trivia questions. As for the cartoons... they have to have a bunch of stock ones they can pull from to match up with the questions.

  2. Yup, laziness (or lack of manpower). I don't know the '72 cartoons like I know the cartoons in other '70s sets, but Topps rarely made mistakes like that back in the day.