Monday, September 21, 2020

Card Show Recap: Part 1

I went to a card show this past Saturday and picked up this 1975 Topps Nolan Ryan card. I knew it was in rough shape, but it turned out to be in rougher shape than I first thought, but that's okay because I'm not all that concerned with condition when it comes to his pre-1980 cards.

I have his rookie card, but need 1969 - 1974 and 1976 -1978. I'm going to do a Topps Nolan Ryan card post to keep track of my pursuit. 

I got this from the first dealer I stopped at. I spotted it and asked for a price. $5. I looked through a few other rows of cards and found the cards below for a dime each. I offered him $5 total and he agreed. I was hoping the Willis and Morneau were rookie cards, but I was a year off. I have a soft spot for Kubel because of his time with the Diamondbacks. I remember Khalil Greene being a big deal for a few months when he first came up to the big leagues.

I did manage to get a few rookie cards from the next dealer. Tune in tomorrow to see who.


  1. Nice Ryan. After seeing a few card show recaps... I'm starting to miss the idea of digging through dime boxes.

  2. $5, even beat up, isn't awful. Plus looks at everything else you got thrown in.

  3. Where was this card show? I didn't know about one happening nearby.

    1. It was at a hotel off of I-17 and Greenway. They hold it monthly, but this one was the first one in about 6 months.

  4. Card show lighting usually isn't the greatest (on purpose I suspect), which has led many times to me not noticing flaws until after I got home.