Thursday, September 24, 2020

HOF RC: 1951 Bowman Nellie Fox

I love being able to pick up some well loved vintage Hall of Fame rookie cards at reasonable prices. When I saw this Nellie Fox rookie card at my LCS I couldn't help but grab it. 

It's seen better days, but that is what put it in my price range, so I can't complain. Check out the zipper on his jersey. That is fantastic!

Fox played just 10 games for the A's in 1947 and 1948 and about a half a season in 1949 before finding a becoming the regular second baseman for the Chicago White Sox in 1950. He would spend 14 years with the White Sox and was an all-star for 12 of those seasons. In 10,351 plate appearances he only struck out 216 times. That is just incredible. Four players have struck out more than that in a single season.


  1. wonderful card! I have 66 in my collection, 20% of the set. It's one I'd love to complete but a couple of the big ones will make that impossible. I don't think Nellie gets the attention he deserves. He rarely appears in modern sets that pay tribute to the oldies.

  2. His strikeout stat is darn impressive. Tony Gwynn struck out twice as much as Fox did... and I rarely ever saw that happen.