Monday, November 23, 2020

I upgraded and saved 9 cents: 1963 Fleer Maury Wills

A while back I set up an eBay search for a 1963 Fleer Maury Wills rookie card. I was able to secure one as part of a small lot of 1963 Fleer cards. Because it was part of a lot I ended up getting the Wills rookie for $1.07 and it shows. Let's take another look. It's in rough shape, but I love it. Huge crease right down the middle, worn corners, off centered, etc. and that's just the front.

The back contains some ink.

I never removed the eBay search and so I continue to get notifications for the card. One such notification was for another small lot that included this 1963 Fleer Maury Wills rookie card.

This card is certainly not in gem mont condition, but it is a huge upgrade to the previous card in almost every possible way. No huge crease down the middle, the corners are not great, but improved and the centering is way better. Oh, and no writing on the back. So how much did this copy set me back? $0.98.

Like I mentioned, this was part of lot, which is why the price per card is so low. So what else was in the lot? Another 1963 card and this one is just as rough as the first 1963 Fleer card. 

This is a 1963 Post card that looks like it was cut out by a 6 year old. Maybe some day I will upgrade this one as well.

There were a few other Maury Wills cards in the lot. The 1969 is in decent shape except for the writing on the front advising of the fact that Maury was back on the Dodgers after a brief stint with the Expos.

More Wills in the lot, but this time it was Bump and not Maury. There is rookie card and a 1979 Blue Jays error card in addition to his 1980, 1981, and 1982 Topps card.

Bump didn't have nearly as productive career as his father, but he has some interesting cardboard, just like his dad. I mentioned the 1979 error listing him on the Blue Jays. This was based on a tip provided to Sy Berger that did not pan out. His 1978 Topps card, not shown here, also has a variation. 

I'm happy with the upgraded Fleer rookie and happy to add the Post card to my collection. The rest were just extras. Do you have any 1963 Post cards in your collection? How about the Wills card? If so, how's the condition?


  1. Bump Wills spent 1983-84 in Japan as a member of the Hankyu Braves

  2. Would you trade one of the Fleer Wills? I have a Deckle Edge Frank Howard for you, and I know I have an extra '73 Fisk. I can see what else I have for your rookie cup project to do another vintage trade.

  3. Nice upgrade. Don't own the Wills, but I do own a few Post cards. Just not sure if they're 1963 or not.