Tuesday, December 1, 2020

28 card sets drive me insane!

If you read my post yesterday you will recall that along with a partial 2018 National Baseball Card Day set, I inquired about and purchase a couple of other items from a "discount" bin from a card shop recently. 

Here are the other two items. When I asked for the price, the guy did a quick eBay search and gave me a $7 price for the 1992 Jimmy Dean set and $1.50 for the 1994 Churchs Chicken Hometown Stars set. I told him I'd take the Church set and put the Jimmy Dean set back

So let's take a look at the 1994 Churchs Chicken Hometown Stars set. There are lots of stars in the 28 card set, but there are some notable names missing from the 1994 set. Most notably Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas. These were the two biggest names in baseball and the baseball card hobby back then, but Edgar Martinez and Robin Ventura represent the Mariners and White Sox instead of Griffey and Thomas.

The backs include a color headshot a brief write up and 1993 and career statistics.

The cards are not licensed by Major League Baseball so there are no team logos to be found.

For me, the top card in the set is the Mike Piazza card.

The set includes one card per team, so I get why there are 28 cards in the set, but it still drives me insane that when I put it in sheets it ends up with 3 full pages and then one lone card in the 4th page.

Churchs or KFC? Do you have this set or cards from it? Tomorrow we'll take a look at the 1992 Jimmy Dean set. I didn't pay $7 for it, but I did end up picking it up.


  1. I ate a lot of chicken in 1994 and have a complete regular set, a gold set and the crazy colorful dufex inserts. I have a extra base card here n there which may eventually make it to my pick pockets page. By the way, you need to come over to my pick pockets tab. You are eligible to pick 12 cards, no strings attached. :)

  2. Nope, don't have it, need the Piazza. We don't have Churchs Chicken in the Northeast. Closest ones are a couple in the Philadelphia area. And that's 8 hours away.

  3. Don't think I've ever had Churchs chicken, but I rarely eat KFC either. In fact... I probably haven't had it in a few years. Ironically... I fried chicken last night for the first time in my life. Normally I bake or BBQ my chicken.

  4. Don't think I've got any cards from this set. Growing up in San Diego, the chicken place we got food from most often was El Pollo Loco.

  5. KFC and Church's are both good but sometimes our local Church's makes the chicken a little too salty. I never knew there was a Church's baseball card set. If you want to fill out the rest of that 4th page, you might want to pick up eight of the gold version cards. Then rearrange the pages so that a player's base card is next to the gold version.

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