Monday, January 4, 2021

Contest Winner

I've been so preoccupied with organizing my card room that I almost forgot about my contest. Thankfully I read Fuji's TWiB post and was reminded about it. 

For the contest I asked that you post three hobby related goals in the comments, so I did limit the entrants to those that listed three goals. There were 7 participants. I randomized the list 7 times, not because there were 7 entrants, but because I always randomize 7 times. The winner of the Paul O'Neil batting glove card is... SumoMenkoMan. Congrats! Send me your address.

Thank you to everyone that commented and entered the contest. Hopefully this is the first of several contests and giveaways this year.


  1. Congratulations SumoMenkoMan! Thanks for the contest Daniel!

  2. Oh wow! Super Cool! I just emailed you my address. Thanks again and am super stoked!

  3. Big congratulations to SumoMenkoMan!

  4. I got the cards today! Thanks for the extras....will get a "Thank You" post up this week!