Sunday, January 17, 2021

Who is the most obscure player that you collect?

My Most Wanted list is looking a bit barren these days. The Diamond King sent me a 1992 Fleer Robin Yount Pro-Vision that was on it and before I updated my Most Wanted list I got another pwe from Baseball Card Breakdown with the same card along with several other cards on my Most Wanted list.

These 1987 Fleer Baseball's Hottest Stars cards of Bob Horner and Eric Show complete this set for me. I had bought a collection with this set in it, minus these two cards. The Barry Bonds card was there, but no Bob Horner or Eric Show. I am really enjoying all of the boxed sets from the 80's and so I am happy to call this one complete.

Gavin also sent these two Mother's Cookies cards that complete this set for me. I collect both Piazza and Salmon, so these are extra cool. Piazza and Griffey were my main PC guys when I was a kid and Salmon and I went to the same high school that I did.

This Heritage Flashback card featuring the great Roberto Clemente finishes off this insert set for me.

These cards and the Yount Pro-Vision were all on my Most Wanted list, so thank you very much Gavin!

Gavin also sent a few other cards.

I love the tribute sets that Fleer inserted into their products back in the 90's. I need to see where I am at with this particular set from 1992 Fleer Ultra honoring Tony Gwynn.

Gavin is also probably one of only a few bloggers out there that remember that I collect Ryan Roberts. I haven't been able to add any Roberts cards to my collection in a while. So while I already have this Roberts card, it is nice to know that someone remembers that I collect Tatman.

So my question for you is who is that obscure player that you collect that most people aren't aware of?


  1. I collect cards of players with BOYD in their name.

    There's two different Bob Boyd Football players, from the 1950s/60s, plus a A's minor leaguer B.J. Boyd, from the 2010s.

    The two main BOYD guys I collect aren't obscure, Matt Boyd, and "Oil Can" Boyd.

    1. What about Gail Harris? His first name is Boyd. He played for the Giants and Tigers from 1955-1960.

  2. I collect Karl Olson, who was an 1950's outfielder. We share the same last name and it's always fun to look for vintage at shows!

  3. My last post was about my obscure Brad Sorensen collection. Collecting BYU players has led me to collect a lot of players no one else seems to care about: Vai Sikahema, Todd Watkins, Colby Ward and a few others.

  4. I collecte Tim Flannery we have met a couple of times and corresponded and I do a fundraiser for his foundation each year for my birthday on Facebook.

  5. Man, Ryan Roberts has become like an instant time machine back to the 2009-2013 era of baseball.

    Also my obscure guy is probably Luis Torrens.

  6. I have exactly ONE non-Angels Todd Greene card in his PC. I'm a bit behind.

  7. In baseball, I collect Richie Sexson and in football it is Matt Leinert, but I also collect Drew Henson, who played some minor league baseball and a short bit in the NFL.

  8. Chris Amos. My childhood buddy.

  9. I've got a decent-sized stable of obscure player collections, but the first one that I thought of just now was Tanyon Sturtze. As a kid, I thought his name was weird and funny, which was enough to get me to start collecting him.

  10. I collect Isiah Kiner-Falefa, because I watched him play for the Frisco Roughriders for two years. And he's just a fun player. He's a great fielder, and can also play catcher.

  11. Rodney Hampton. Who invests all their time and trade bait into him??

  12. Before he became an All Star and Cy Young contender, Charlie Morton was the number 5 starter for the Pirates. To say he was obscure when he posted a 7.57 ERA in 2010 with a 2-12 record would be an understatement. I still supercollected him because of his birthplaceand he played for my favorite team though.