Friday, April 2, 2021

5 out of 12 is 41.6%, but I'm happy!

Back in I posted about the 1969 Topps Deckle Edge set. About a month ago I went to a card shop and happened to arrive while their auction was going on. I wasn't planning on bidding on anything because I hadn't had a chance to look anything over ahead of time. Even when this lot of twelve Deckle Edge cards came up I wasn't going to bid because I thought the odds of me needing many, wouldn't be likely since I only needed 11 of the 35 cards. But then the auctioneer mentioned that the lot included the Jim Wynn card. I decided to bid, just based on that card alone. I ended up getting it for around $8. I'm glad I did. 

Not only did it have the Jim Wynn card, but there were 4 other cards I needed as well, so now I'm down to just needing 5 cards.

#2 - Boog Powell

#4 - Carl Yastremski

#6 - Luis Aparicio

#11a - Hoyt Wilhelm

#11b - Jim Wynn

#16 - Frank Howard

#20 - Tommy Helms

#22a - Rusty Staub

#22b - Joe Foy

#26 - Richie Allen

#29 - Bob Gibson

If you have any of the cards I still need, please let me know and maybe we can work something out.


  1. Very cool set build. I had the opportunity to pick up a complete set of these a few years ago at a card show and passed. Kinda regret that, because I'm sure it's no longer within my hobby budget.

  2. They look cool together like that ... is that some sort of weird, extra-long page?

    I'd be interested in trading for any extras, although I don't have a clear idea what you collect these days.

  3. that's a good deal on the toy cannon alone!

  4. That's definitely a great deal, with Wynn being a short print. It's a fun little set- I've almost completed it, as I'm just missing Mays.

    And sorry for being a numbers nerd, but 5 divided by 12 is 41.7%.