Saturday, May 8, 2021

Not everyone is a fan of Topps

Last weekend I was able to go to a couple of card shops and made a few small purchases. I've been looking for this card for a while so when I spotted this for $5 I didn't hesitate.

This 1960 Topps card features Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio stealing second during Game 5 of the 1959 World Series, but featured prominently on the card is Dodgers second baseman Maury Wills.

This is significant because Wills was not under contract by Topps and even though he debuted with the Dodgers in 1959 and would steal 104 bases and win the MVP award in 1962, Wills would not have an official Topps card until 1967. He did sign with Fleer and has a rookie card in the 1963 Fleer set.

There have been several players over the years who have not signed a contract with Topps. Madison Bumgarner is the only one I am aware of currently. To my knowledge he hasn't had a Topps card since 2017. Who else? Not just current, but at any point, what players have not had a Topps card produced either because Topps didn't want them or they didn't want to sign with Topps?


  1. It's funny that in some reprint sets, Topps considers this Wills' rookie card.

    Tony Horton is a notable guy from the 60s who didn't sign with Topps.
    I think Barry Bonds missed a few years too.

    1. In ESPN fantasy baseball back in the day, they couldn't use Bonds' name, so he was referred to as Giants Outfielder or something like that.

  2. matt wieters went several years at the beginning of his career without a topps contract. didn't know about madbum, thanks for sharing.

  3. btw, I'm pretty sure I've got the mcgriff lumber company if you want it.

  4. A-Rod before 1998, nomar after 2006, and musial before 1958 are some other examples.

  5. Rusty Staub wasn't in the 1972 and 1973 Topps sets because of a contract dispute. When he came back he rarely got hero numbers, which I suspect was a bit of petty retribution on Topps' part.

  6. Glenn Davis objected to Garbage Pail Kids and missed a year or two. Danny Jackson came to mind, this site reminded me about others: Kevin McReynolds, Neal Heaton.

  7. I feel like Ichiro didn't have a Topps card for a few years. And it took Topps a few years to finally get Kevin McReynolds on a trading card.