Sunday, June 6, 2021

Card Show Recap

Yesterday I attended a card show in Phoenix. I had never been to this particular show before. Honestly, I doubt I will be back. I posted this on Twitter to recap my experience.

While this particular exchange never actually took place. This is certainly how I felt. There was very little vintage and even less from the 80's and 90's. Most everything was modern and the majority was graded. There were a couple of boxes with dollar cards, but there was not a single quarter box to be found. The shows that I enjoy attending always have a plethora of quarter boxes and usually some dime boxes.

I have a couple of other observations that I want to share. 

1) The show was well attended. I got their about 30 minutes after it opened and it was packed and stayed that way the entire time I was there.

2) More women at the show than I am used to seeing at card shows. Many were helping their significant other as a dealer, but there were others walking around with their significant other.

3) There was a lot of trading going on between patrons and the dealers.

4) Speaking of trading, everyone was carrying around a briefcase with their graded cards. I've seen a couple people before at shows, but at this particular show, it seemed like everyone had one.

5) Soccer cards are on the rise. I saw people buying soccer cards and talking about soccer cards more than I ever had before.

I asked about a couple of cards. There was an SGC 1.5 Tom Seaver rookie card that I thought might be in my price range. I was wrong. The dealer wanted $750. The Suns are on fire right now, eliminating Lebron James and the Lakers this past week, so I asked about a few Devin Booker rookie cards, but $400 for a PSA 9 Prizm rookie card is not in my budget currently.

I did however pick up two cards at the show. I got them from the same dealer.

I have been watching The Last Dance again with my oldest this past week and as I we watched it reminded me of some of the great basketball that I watched during the 90's as a kid. After each episode I would pull up YouTube and show my son clips of some of the greats that I grew up watching. One such player was Vince Carter. So I know that's the reason why I ended up making this purchase, but that's okay.

I know I have some Vince Carter rookie cards, but I've always liked this one and was happy to add it to my collection.  

The Carter was in a showcase. I asked about the price and the dealer told me $20. I had found this Andrew McCutchen Topps Chrome rookie card in a $5 box at the same table so I ended up asking if the dealer would do $20 for both cards and the dealer agreed.

So while I happy with the two cards that I was able to add to my collection, I don't think I will be attending this show again anytime in the near future.


  1. The brief case thing is so weird. Don't these guys know you carry things around with you at a card show in a plastic bag?

    I don't need there to be discount boxes at card shows for me to be interested, but there has to be something a) non-graded; b) non-soccer; c) non-basketball for me not to leave empty-handed.

  2. Nice cards.

    I'm still resisting the graded scene, though they do tend to be worth more.

  3. No quarter or dime boxes, briefcases, and people interested in soccer cards? Things sure have changed!

  4. I'm so glad that that wasn't my experience at the card show I attended last weekend. Not so heavy on the graded stuff, and while there was only one dealer with a dime box, it had a lot of stuff for me.

  5. Your card show experience resembles what my friend experienced at a semi-local card show that took place a month or two ago. That VC rookie card is gorgeous. That's my favorite set from that year of basketball.

  6. Yeah, I am hoping for a crash soon, just to get back to dime boxes! I love the Carter RC. I need to get me one of those. Or any Carter RC really.