Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Training Autographs

This past Tuesday I took my oldest son (4 years old) over to the Cincinnati Reds Spring Training practice fields. I hadn't been to the practice fields before, so we first ended up watching the minor leaguers for a little while before walking over to where the major league players were. We watched them practice a little bit and my son ran up and down the metal bleachers. He wasn't very interested in anything else. Most of the players, when asked about an autograph, said that they would sign after batting practice. We had to leave before that, so I only got a couple of autographs. I got pitcher Daniel Ray Herrera and Manager Dusty Baker. I had them sign the cards that the Reds sent me when I requested a fan pack. It wasn't my best day for autographs but I left happy that I got to spend some time watching baseball with my son.

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