Friday, July 3, 2015

Contest win! Thank you Waiting 'til Next Year, My Cardboard Habit, and Play at the Plate

I have a lot of people to thank for a gigantic box of 2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome along with 2 packs of 1988 Topps, a pack of 1989 Topps, and a pack of 1990 Topps.

Tom, of the blog Waiting 'til Next Year, recently held a contest and I won. He spent a small fortune mailing out an 800 count box full of cards.

The 2014 Bowman cards that Tom sent were part of a contest win from My Cardboard Habit, which was inspired by Play at the Plate. So thank you to all of them!

Here are a few of the 2014 Bowman cards.

Here are a few cards from the Topps packs that will be going out as ttm requests soon.

Thanks again for the contest Tom! Looks like I need to find a way to keep the generosity going!

TTM Success: Jim Bunning

I sent two index cards to Jim Bunning on 6/1 and got them back signed on 6/30. I had asked for an inscription about him striking out Ted Williams 3 times in one game. Bunning is one of only two pitchers to have ever done that.

Bunning signed both index cards, but didn't add any inscriptions.

TTM Success: Cory Snyder

I sent these 6 cards to Cory Snyder on 6/8 and got them back on 6/29.

Snyder was on the first US Olympic baseball team in 1984. They won a Silver Medal.

Snyder played for 5 different teams during his 9 seasons in Major League Baseball. 5 of those years were with the Indians.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Recap of Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers (6/30/15)

I went to the D-Backs game last night and while it ended with the D-Backs losing to the Dodgers, it was certainly an exciting game. I also picked up a couple pieces of memorabilia.

If I look tired, it's because I am. I'm up at 3:40 am each morning, so I was up late last night and then up early this morning. I got just under 4 hours of sleep last night. I think I need a nap.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection: Tris Speaker

I'm getting close to completing my 3,000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection. Cap Anson does not have any bat cards so that leaves me with only needing Derek Jeter and Honus Wagner, after picking up this Tris Speaker bat card off

Tris Speaker played for the Red Sox, Indians, Senators, and Athletics between 1907 and 1928.

Speaker ended his career with a .345 career batting average and still holds the record for most career doubles (792) and outfield assists (449).

I'm hoping that my birthday will yield some funds that I can put towards a Honus Wagner bat card as well as a Jeter so I can finish up this project which I started over 3 years ago.

TTM Success: Shaq

I sent out these three cards to Shaquille O'Neil on 5/29 and received them back on 6/29, exactly one month later.

Shaq is a 15 time all-star. He was the 2000 NBA MVP and is a 4 time NBA Champion and 3 time NBA Finals MVP.

I recently read his book, Shaq Uncut, and loved it. With everything that he has been through and accomplished, he seems like a great guy and someone that would be a blast to hang out with.