Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Chronicles of a Care Package

Fuji sent out a ton of packages recently and I was the lucky recipient of one of them.

Let's take a look at some of what Fuji sent!

Can't wait until Opening Day 2018!


Topps likes to reuse photos and just crop the image a little bit.

I already had the gold parallel, but needed the blue!

This 1999 UD Black Diamond red parallel of Jay Bell is sweet! The scan doesn't do it justice.

It's numbered to 3000. These were a tough pull back in 1999!

Next up are two Steve Finley jersey cards! 

I've got a nice little Finley collection and these make excellent additions.

Thanks for a great package Fuji!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I won the battle, but lost the war.

I've always liked history and so I was drawn to the show TURN which is about spies during the Revolutionary War.

When I saw that Topps included a Revolutionary Battles insert set in its 2017 Allen & Ginter set, I decided to pick it up. I was able to get half the set from a dime box at a card show, leaving me needing five cards to complete the set.

Judson, of the blog My Cardboard Habit, posted some 2017 Allen & Ginter needs and I had a few cards he needed, so we worked out a trade.

I was expecting three Revolutionary Battles cards, but I got much more.

Judson sent a 2013 Bowman Platinum ruby parallel of Paul Goldschmidt. This is my 343rd unique Goldschmidt card.

As if a new Goldschmidt wasn't enough, Judson sent this bad boy!

I've always been a huge Duke Snider fan! Prior to 1998, the Dodgers were my favorite team. I also love the history of the game and have always been fascinated by Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. I also always felt bad that it took so long for Duke to make his way into the Hall of Fame. He retired in 1964 and didn't make it in until 1980. Hard to believe for the guy who hit the most home runs during the 1950's.  To add a certified auto to my collection is awesome! Thank you Judson! As the title of the post indicates I won the battle (Revolutionary Battles cards), but lost the war because Judson sent me so much more than I sent him. Expect another package soon Judson!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Every Day's A Holiday - November

It's November and time to look at the Every Day's A Holiday calendar for the month. What cards will I be able to add to my Every Day's A Holiday card binder this month?

Here is a day by day breakdown for November.

1 - Extra Mile Day
2 - Deviled Egg Day
3 - Love Your Lawyer Day
4 - Use Your Common Sense Day
5 - Gunpowder Day
6 - Saxophone Day
7 - Hug a Bear Day
8 - X-Ray Day
9 - World Freedom Day
10 - Sesame Street Day
11 - Origami Day
12 - Fancy Rat & Mouse Day
13 - World Kindness Day
14 - Pickle Day
15 - Clean Out Your Fridge Day
16 - Button Day
17 - Take a Hike Day
18 - Mickey Mouse Day
19 - World Toilet Day
20 - Name Your PC Day
21 - World Hello Day
22 - Go For a Ride Day
23 - Fibonacci Day
24 - Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
25 - Shopping Reminder Day
26 - Cake Day
27 - Pins and Needles Day
28 - French Toast Day
29 - Square Dancing Day
30 - Stay Home Because You're Well Day

Friday, October 27, 2017

Hall of Fame Friday: Harry Hooper

I have a Hall of Fame binder where I have one card for every person in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I should say I have a card, or a space for a card, for every person in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

I picked up this 2012 Panini Cooperstown card of Harry Hooper at my LCS from one of the 15/$1 boxes. This fills a hole in my binder. 

Let's take a look at the life and career of Harry Bartholomew Hooper. Hooper was born on August 24, 1887 in Bell Station, California and died on December 18, 1974 at the age of 87 in Santa Cruz, California.

Harry Hooper played for the Boston Red Sox from 1909 - 1920 and for the Chicago White Sox from 1921 - 1925.

Hopper was on four World Series winners; all with the Red Sox in 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918. Hooper played outfield alongside Tris Speaker and was a major influence in having Babe Ruth switch from a pitcher to an outfielder.

He hit .281 with 2,466 hits during his career and is still the Red Sox all-time leader in triples (131) and stolen bases (300) and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971.

After retiring from baseball, Hooper lived in Capitola, California and Hooper Beach there is named after him. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ever had a card rust before?

 I picked up a small lot of 1996 Leaf Preferred Steel cards from my LCS this past Saturday from the 15/$1 boxes.

I don't ever remember seeing rust on a card before but you can see what appears to be rust on the bottom of this Ron Gant card.

These cards were inserted 1 per pack and contain a protective film. Obviously the "protective film" does not protect the card from rust.

For those who wonder if the film is supposed to be removed, it tells you. So I did. Here;s what it looks like.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Magic Numbers

Whenever I go to the LCS I always take a look through their 15/$1 boxes to see if there is something new.

This past Saturday I came across a stack of cards from the 2000 Upper Deck Yankees legends set that peaked my interest. I don't remember ever seeing these before, so that made them even better.

These Magic Numbers were all the numbers that had been retired by the Yankees at the time of this set.The Yankees have retired 6 additional numbers since 2000 (Torre, Posada, Rivera, Petitte, Guidry, and Williams).

Most of the big names (Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle) are missing, but that's okay. Let me know if you have any I need and we can see if we can work out a trade. I need Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford, Don Mattingly, and Reggie Jackson.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Mike Piazza

Since I recently organized my Ken Griffey Jr. collection I decided that I would conquer my Mike Piazza collection next. 

While I've organized and counted both my Griffey and Piazza collections, I haven't actually put together a list of cards in either collection. This will take some time.

As of the writing of this post I have 574 different Mike Piazza cards, with another 23 Piazza cards to sort through. For my Griffey collection I have 915 different cards with a stack of 56 cards to go through. 

I picked up four Mike Piazza cards this past Saturday from the 15/$1 boxes at my LCS. I actually needed three of them.