Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trade with My 2008 Topps Set Blog

I reached out to Moe, from the blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog, recently about a couple of cards I had for him. He said he had something for me as well so we confirmed addresses and a trade was born.

Earlier this week a large envelope arrived in my mailbox. I thought it might have been one of a couple of 8 x 10 photos that I had sent out via ttm, but then I saw the return address and it was from Moe.

Inside were a couple of awesome Brandon Webb items!

First up is this 4 card block of Upper Deck cards from Tuff Stuff. Never seen this one before, so very cool to add it to my collection!

Moe sent a note saying that this autographed photo was from a signing at a local Sam's Club back in February 2007. He said that he ended up with several and thought I'd like one. You were right Moe! Thanks so much! 

Trade with Baseball Cards Come to Life

I got a trade package in a week or so ago from Bo, of the blog Baseball Cards Come to Life. Bo sent some great D-Backs and this awesome 1996 Score Bip Roberts. Thanks for the trade Bo!

You've probably never heard of Casey Daigle...

...but you probably have heard of his wife, Jennie Finch. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 1991 - Dennis Martinez pitches perfect game!

Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Expos pitched a perfect game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 28, 1991. At the time it was just the 13th perfect game in MLB history. Score honored him in 1992 with two cards, one for the perfect game and one for the no-hitter.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Randy Johnson: Hall of Fame Bobblehead

Randy Johnson will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame later today.

Yesterday the Diamondbacks gave out this Randy Johnson Hall of Fame bobblehead.

I think it turned out great! They even got his mullet right! I'm really excited to see Randy go into the Hall of Fame. I'm even more excited that he's going in as a Diamondback! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

TTM Recap - 3 HOFers and #1 Pick in the 1992 Expansion Draft

I haven't gotten a lot of TTM returns lately, but they have been some good ones.

David Nied was the Colorado Rockies #1 pick in the 1992 Expansion Draft.

The next three players are all members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

It's finished! My Arizona Diamondbacks Bobblehead Collection!

I picked up the last Arizona Diamondbacks bobblehead that I needed last week. Here is my complete collection. There is one more bobblehead going to be given away this season. It is a Randy Johnson HOF bobblehead and will be given out this coming Saturday.

But for now, here is my Arizona Diamondbacks Bobblehead Collection!

This Hello Kitty D-Backs bobblehead is about half the size of most of the other bobbleheads and cost me about twice as much as most of the ones I had to pick up on the secondary market.

Josh Collmentor earned his second bobblehead in 2015. He was the Diamondbacks Opening Day starting pitcher, but has struggled as of late and lost his spot in the rotation. 

Tony LaRussa, in just his first full season in the Diamondbacks organization got his own bobblehead.

This A.J, Pollock Star Wars bobblehead was from this past Saturday. Pollock is having a career year and made his first all-star game earlier this month. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's finished! My 3,000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection!

1. Pete Rose (4,256 hits)

2. Ty Cobb (4,191 hits)

3. Hank Aaron (3,771 hits)

4. Stan Musial (3,630 hits)

5. Tris Speaker (3,514 hits)

6. Derek Jeter (3,465 hits)

7. Carl Yastrzemski (3,419 hits)

8. Cap Anson (3,418 hits) - Does not have a bat card.

9. Honus Wagner (3,415 hits)

10. Paul Molitor (3,319 hits)

11. Eddie Collins (3,315 hits)

12. Willie Mays (3,283 hits)

13. Eddie Murray (3,255 hits)

 14. Nap Lajoie (3,242 hits)

15. Cal Ripken Jr. (3,184 hits)

16. George Brett (3,154 hits)

17. Paul Waner (3,152 hits)

18. Robin Yount (3,142 hits)

19. Tony Gwynn (3,141 hits)

20. Dave Winfield (3,110 hits)

21. Craig Biggio (3,060 hits)

22. Rickey Henderson (3,055 hits)

23. Rod Carew (3,053 hits)

24. Lou Brock (3,023 hits)

25. Rafael Palmeiro (3,020 hits)

26. Wade Boggs (3,010 hits)

27. Alex Rodriguez (3,009 hits and counting)

28. Al Kaline (3,007 hits)

29. Roberto Clemente (3,000 hits)

Here is a video from today. The Honus Wagner was the final card I needed. You'll notice that I show a different Rafael Palmeiro card than is on the blog. I actually have both. One is for the 3000 Hit Club and one is for the 500 Home Run Collection