Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Strange Coincidence

A few weeks ago I got an email from asking me for my address to send me some baseball cards and telling me about a new pricing tool they had on their website. 

About a week later a package showed up in my mailbox. I thought it was interesting that the return address is not only in Phoenix, where I grew up and not far from where I currently live, but it's just down the street from my very first job. And when I say just down the street, I'm talking about less than a mile on the same street. Now, I know they weren't there when I was working there back in 1999-2000, but I still thought it was a strange coincidence.

I filmed myself opening the box and reviewing the cards, but I was using the YouTube app and it shut off mid-way through, so I tried it again and it did the same thing. The third time I finished with the cards before it turned off, so here you go.

I know the contents of my box were very similar to that of a few other bloggers who received a box, but it was fun to open and I enjoyed the cards, especially the autograph.

I do want to talk about the pricing tool. It's called the BCS Database and allows you to search an item in various categories like collectibles, toys & hobbies, stamps, coins & paper money, entertainment memorabilia, and baseball cards. The search results include both active and current ebay listings. The thing that I like the best about the site is that for sold listing where the best offer was accepted it will show you what the offer was. It's a free tool, which is great and I'd encourage collectors who buy on ebay to give it a try.

Thanks again to for the cards and some day I'll need to make it to you shop!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Greatest Baseball Card Ever Made according to Dave

Roberto Clemente would have been 85 years old today. I thought this would be a great time to share a contest entry from a reader Dave, who doesn't have a blog. He emailed me an entry for the best baseball card ever made. Here it is.

"For me, the best baseball card ever made is (1) of a player that I never saw play, (2) of a player on a team that I have never rooted for, and (3) is from a set that is not my favorite. However, it is a powerful image that is about much more than baseball. It is the 1973 card of Roberto Clemente.

The image is wistful. The long shadows show that the picture was taken just before sunset. Most of Clemente’s face is covered in shadows and he is looking away. It seems to perfectly capture the fact that his brilliant career was sun-setting. He was 38 and had completed 18 seasons. No one could have known when the card was designed that this was not only the sunset of a long career but of a short life.

The card, #50, was released in the first series of the 1973 set. Surely it was already in production when news reached Topps that Clemente had lost his life while on a hero’s mission to Nicaragua on the last day of 1972.

I’m confident that when the picture was taken, Clemente was entirely focused on the coming pitch. But I can’t help but feel that in the deeper recesses of his mind, he knew that his life was about much more than baseball. And for me, that is why it is the best baseball card ever made: it transcends the sport."

Thank you for your entry Dave! This is a fantastic card for sure.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Contest Results

There were a few additional contest entries after my last post.

Made makes the argument that everyone can own the Greatest Card Ever Made!

The Sports Cards Olympics needs to happen at the 2020 National!

The Lost Collector

I'll host the 2020 Sports Cards Olympics during Spring Training if we can get at least 5 bloggers to attend!

Night Owl

I'll let you in Greg! Enjoyed your story and the connection you built with your nephew.

So by my count there are 13 entries and Matt accounted for 3 of them, so with only 10 participants and three prizes, the odds of winning are pretty good.

There were a lot of fantastic posts (and one fantastic email submission) and I want to thank everyone that participated and all of you for making these past 10 years on my blog something to remember!

Alright, let's get to the winners.

3rd Place - GCRL for using his 1978 Topps card backs to replay an inning of the 1978 World Series. This wasn't what I had in mind when I mentioned this topic, but I thought it was a terrific idea! I loved the fact that after all the years have gone by, GCRL knew what it said on the back of the cards already. I actually had the opportunity to meet up with GCRL earlier this week at a D-Backs game and it was hard not to mention that he was going in the running to win my contest, but I still needed to review the last few entries.

2nd Place - Matt gets props for 3 entries, but his winning entry was the one about the 1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez card involving time travel. I absolutely love me some time travel and I love me some baseball cards. Upper Deck did some cool stuff with there cards, but I like your explanation even better!

1st Place - Bo knocked this one out of the park! If you haven't read Bo's entry, stop reading this post and read his, because it's amazing! His time travel story was entertaining and riveting and I seriously can't wait for the movie. Okay, maybe a movie is a little much, but at least a tv mini-series. How about getting it published in Beckett? That would be cool! He not only told a great story, but he worked multiple bloggers into the story, including yours truly, and even the prizes for this contest. It was a fantastic read Bo!

Bo, congratulations! Well done sir! I loved your post and am happy to let you have first pick at the prizes. Once Bo makes his selection, Matt will get to pick out of the remaining two prizes and then GCRL will get the final prize. Be sure to send me an email with your current mailing address. daniel24303 at Thanks again to everyone that participated! I had a blast reading everyone's posts. let's do this again in another 10 years!

Again, here are the prizes to choose from.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Contest Reminder!

Here is a list of everyone that has participated in my contest so far. If I've missed you, please let me know. There have been a lot of great posts so far and you have until July 31st to enter, so get your entry in before it's too late!

I'm surprised a little bit at the low participation considering the prizes up for grabs, so let me remind you what the prizes are:


Gavin is not a fan of art cards, but this post may lead him to a new set to collect.


Matt must follow me on Twitter because I unleashed my fury on Topps when they jumped the shark with this card.

Matt -

Finally a good explanation for the existence of the 1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez card!


I can't wait for the movie!


I bet Bud had an awesome card collection as a kid!


I don't like the Dodgers, but I liked this cardboard inning!

Johnnys Trading Spot

Not sure how I would have reacted in this situation.

Great card, just the wrong team!

David Hixon - Contest submission via email.

David doesn't have a blog...yet. With his permission I'll share his submission on my blog.

Monday, July 22, 2019

I finally picked up a Jerry Koosman rookie card!

Yesterday I attended a monthly card show. I arrived about an hour after it opened and was pleased to see that it was packed upon my arrival. The hobby appears to be flourishing, at least in my neck of the woods.

My first stop was the guy with the 20/$1 5000 count boxes filled with new stuff. I picked up some 2019 Stadium Club and Allen & Ginter. Actually, the first time around I only looked through the Stadium Club. There was another guy going through the box with the modest stack of Allen & Ginter, so I moved on and came back later and picked up a few additional cards. I also picked up a  2019 Allen & Ginter Charles Martinet relic card. He's the voice of Mario.

I then went through another guys 10/$1 box and found 20 cards. I picked up a nice variety of vintage oddball. Some 1975 Topps minis, a couple of 1970 Topps booklets, and a handful of 1961 Golden Press cards.

Next I went through a box of $1 vintage and pulled out 4 cards, all of which I already have, but these are upgrades in condition. I was about to leave his tables when I saw this...

The corners are in rough shape, but the centering isn't horrible and there aren't any creases. The asking price was high, but not outrageous.I had to take a closer look, so I asked him to see it. He obliged and mentioned that there was a mark on the back of the card.

I'm not sure if it's the number 3 or just some random marking, but whoever used this green marker on this card saved me a lot of green.

I tried to get him to come down a bit on the price, but he wouldn't budge. I did however, get him to through in this card for the same price.

I need this for my Topps Hank Aaron collection, so I was happy to add it to my collection and in my mind it brought down the price of the Nolan Ryan card.

As a kid, I would drool over the Nolan Ryan rookie card every time I saw it in a Beckett magazine. I don't recall really ever seeing it in person, prior to Saturday. But even as an adult it always seemed out of reach. That is until yesterday.

A good price, coupled with the fact that I had a birthday earlier this month and my family was getting together the next day to celebrate my birthday, along with 6 other July birthdays in our family, led me to pull the trigger and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Two new (old) sets and a HOF RC.

Yesterday I stopped by my LCS and picked up two Topps sets that I need for my quest to collect every Topps set from 1981 - present.

The 1981 Topps set was priced at $25 and the 1982 set was priced at $30. I got both for $50. They are hand collated sets, so I'm taking a small risk that they aren't quite complete, but they appear to be all there.

I did verify that the Cal Ripken Jr.rookie card was there and in good shape though before making the purchase.

I've owned this card in the past, but sold it years ago. Now I get to kill two birds with one stone by knocking off a set I need and adding a HOF rookie card to my collection!

Don't forget about my contest and don't forget to let me know that you are participating.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Here's what a nickle will get you!

I was able to make it to a card show yesterday and I picked up a few things. I spent some time digging through a 20/$1 box and walked away with 20 cards.

I picked up some food issued cards, but the majority were duplicates. There were six Marketside (Wal-Mart) cards that were all dups and two Post cards that I ended up already having. That's what I get for not have checklists.

Here are the food issue cards that I needed.

I'm working on the two Post sets, the Wonder Bread card makes it into my binder as the lone card I have from that set.

Next up are a few David Wright and Joe Mauer cards. Lots of similarities between these two guys. Both were selected in the 1st round of the 2001 draft. Mauer went number 1 and Wright was selected number 38. Both started their major league careers in 2004 and both retired after the 2018 season. Both spent their entire career with the same team.

Both had great careers, but both dealt with injuries throughout their career.

I don't think anyone thinks David Wright will end up in the Hall of Fame, but I've seen some talk about whether Mauer is Hall worthy. What do you think? He has a career .306 batting average and is a  3x batting champion and the 2009 A.L. MVP. His career totals for hits (2,123), home runs (143) and RBI (923) are a little light though and I don't think he'll make the Hall of Fame.

Let's finish it off with two sure fire Hall of Fame players. One, Griffey, is already in and the other, Mike Trout, will be in 5 years after he retires.

I hope I need the Griffey. It didn't look familiar and I'm not going to pass on a Trout for a nickle.

So there are my 20/$1 finds. Nothing crazy, but a few nice cards. I wish I had lists with me so I didn't end up with dups, but maybe I'll send those out with the prize packages for my contest.

Be sure to enter my contest by creating a post using one of the topics I listed. Here are a couple more that you can choose from.

11) Tell me about your weirdest interaction with a dealer at a card show or a card shop owner.

12) Write a fiction piece about how you'd beg, borrow, or deal (anyone remember that show) your way to the National this summer in Chicago.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

More Post Ideas for my CONTEST!

Here are a few more post ideas for my contest.

6) Work baseball cards, as a major part, into an episode of The Office or LOST.

7) Post a video of you sharing your collection with someone that didn't know previously that you collect sports cards.

8) Put together an entire inning of a baseball game, just using baseball cards.

9) Come up with at least 5 events for a Baseball Card Olympics.

10) Come up with a Minute-To-Win-It game involving baseball cards.

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

10 Years and a CONTEST!

10 years is a long time. To celebrate my 10th Blogoversary, I'm going to be holding a contest the likes of which the Blog-o-sphere has never seen before! Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I'm going to give away some cool prizes.

If you remember from a post or two earlier this year I mentioned getting some duplicate vintage that I would be giving away. Well the time has come.

To enter the contest you'll need to pick a topic of my choosing and write a blog post about said topic. I'll post a couple of topics today and a few more over the next 10 days for you to choose from.Be sure and comment with a link to your post so I am aware of your post. If you don't have a blog you can email me your entry.

Alright here are a few topics to choose from to get started.

1) The best baseball card in ever made and why.

2) The worst baseball card ever made and why.

3) A short story involving baseball cards and time travel.

4) Your most embarrassing moment involving sports cards.

5)  Write a post as if you were a past or present famous person who collected cards. So for example, write as if you were George Washington and he had an awesome Nationals collection back in 1776.

I will be judging the posts and select winners based on content, originality, humor, and if you made me cry. This isn't a you participate and you go into a randomizer. I want to reward those that put some time and effort into it.

You'll have the entire month of July to post. Enter as many times as you would like. More than one person can select the same topic.

I will post more topics to choose from over the next 10 days. Have fun!

Here are some of the prizes.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Live Auctions Over eBay Any Day!

I'm still chipping away at my goal of collecting every Topps Hank Aaron card from his playing career.

I went to an auction at my LCS this past Saturday and I picked up this 1962 Topps All-Star card.

Anyone else have live auctions at their LCS?

The card isn't in great condition, but it's in a lot better shape than many of the Aaron cards in my collection. I actually though the card might be trimmed, probably because of all the talk about trimming going on in the hobby right now, but after comparing it to other cards, I don't think it is.

What are your thoughts on all of the controversy right now surrounding "trimmed slabs"?

I think there are a few bad apples in the baseball card industry that are ruining it for a lot of collectors, in a big way. I don't think this is new, it's just in a new format. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I took the "L" and I'm okay with it!

About a year ago I picked up this card. It's from 2018 Topps and features a letter from the back of a jersey worn by Paul Goldschmidt during the 2017 All-Star festivities.

With Goldschmidt being traded to St. Louis this past off season, the market for his cards, especially his nicer stuff has gone up a bit, at least on ebay. But I was able to track down another card from this set that was marked at 30% off on a day where I also got 8% in ebay bucks.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Topps Base Needs and My Busy Schedule

Tom, over at Waiting 'til Next Year sent me a sweet package of D-Backs cards this past week. Most of the cards were specific to my Topps Diamondbacks needs. I won't link to the list because Tom inspired me to finish off my quest for every Topps base set Diamondbacks cards, so I went to comc and ebay yesterday and finished it.

The last couple of months have been extremely busy. I have three boys and all three love playing baseball, which is great, but makes things really busy this time of year. My oldest made his middle school team and the other two are still playing in Little League.

In addition to practices and games, a batting cage opened up nearby in March and we got memberships, so I try to take my boys as often as possible. This on top of stopping by the assisted living facility to see my dad every day. During the week I leave for work around 6 am and most nights I don't get home until about 9 pm or later.

My oldest sprained his ankle during game. It was a really bad sprain. So bad that the urgent care originally told us that it was broken. When we took him to the orthopedic surgeon, they determined that it wasn't broken, but s severe sprain. He had to be in a boot for three weeks and now it has to be wrapped and he needs physical therapy two days a week, for at least a month. So his season was cut short.

My youngest finished up his season and was selected to play in the All-Star game, which was last week.

My middle son is in Majors, so they have a playoff. It was a double elimination tournament. His team was the #2 seed and after a first round bye, they won there next game, which resulted in a match-up between them and the #1 seed. They lost the game 6-5 in the bottom of the sixth (and final) inning. They went to the losers bracket and won that game. This meant that they faced the #1 seed again, but if they won they would have to beat them again the next day to win the Championship because of it being a double elimination tournament.

This resulted in 4 games in a 7 day period. All of which started at 8 pm, except for the game that didn't start until after 8:30 pm, because the game before it went into extra innings.

They beat the #1 seed twice, back to back to win the championship. My son had some ups and downs during the season and even in the playoffs, but it was a great season overall. Next up is a single elimination Tournament of Champions against the Majors division winners from other local Little Leagues. It starts on June 1st and goes until June 8th.

My point of all this is just that it has made posting difficult and even reading and commenting on everyone else's posts as well. But now that we're down to this last tournament, maybe I'll be able to be more active on the blogs going forward.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

1961 Topps, National League 1960 Home Run Leaders

Check out this 1961 Topps, National League 1960 Home Run Leaders card featuring Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews,and Ken Boyer.

That's an impressive piece of cardboard! Banks, Aaron, and Mathews all went on to become members of the 500 Home Run Club. Boyer being the odd man out, not reaching the 300 mark in his career. Not that Boyer didn't have a tremendous career, but his 32 dingers in 1960 was the most he ever hit in a single season and he ended his career with 282 home runs.

I added this card to me Topps Hank Aaron collection recently at my LCS at one of their auctions. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it, but it was probably $3-$4.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

837 Unique Paul Goldschmidt Cards

It's been a while since my last post. Almost a month. I'm still here. The Paul Goldschmidt collection I purchased back in March put any card purchases on hold for a while. I do have some final numbers though.

There ended up being 529 different Goldschmidt cards in the collection, not 561 as advertised by the seller, but that's okay. Prior to buying the collection I had 544 different Goldschmidt cards. After going through my purchase, I was able to add 293 new cards to my collection. That puts me at 837 different Paul Goldschmidt cards.

The majority of the cards were base cards and parallels, but there were a few nice autos and relics.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I bought a collection of 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards.

Yesterday I made another Facebook Marketplace purchase. I picked up a Paul Goldschmidt collection from a guy that not only stopped collecting Goldschmidt as a result of Goldschmidt's trade to the Cardinals and recent extension signing, but is giving up on collecting all-together. Sad for him. Good for me!

According to the seller, the collection includes 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards. Because he is getting out of collecting all together, he included his entire collection, which is maybe another 300-400 cards, mostly 2018 Topps base, but a few relics and autographs as well.In the picture, the two small white boxes and the small lot of top loaders in front of the small white box are all the non Goldschmidt stuff.

Before I integrate my current Goldschmidt PC with the collection I bought, I wanted to get a count of what I already have, so I can tell how many of the 561 are new to me.

I currently have my Goldschmidt collection sorted by brand and then by year, all individually stored in top loaders or magnetics.

Allen & Ginter - 24
Archives - 12
Big League - 3
Bowman - 28
Bowman's Best - 10
Bowman Chrome - 14
Bowman Platinum - 14
Bowman Sterling - 1
Bunt - 7
Chipz - 3
Classics - 2
Chronicles - 2
Custom - 2
Donruss - 30
Diamond Kings - 8
Elite - 3
eTopps - 1
Finest - 11
Fire - 3
Five Star - 7
Gallery - 4
Gold Label - 7
Gypsy Queen - 24
Heritage - 29
Honus Bonus - 2
Immaculate Collection - 1
Inception - 1
In the Game - 1
Museum Collection - 15
National Treasures - 2
Oddballs - 4
Opening Day - 10
Panini - 12
Pinnacle - 1
Prestige - 1
Prizm - 9
Select - 3
Stadium Club - 13
Strata - 1
Supreme - 4
Tier One - 10
Topps - 111
Topps 5 x7 - 2
Topps Chrome - 53
Topps Tek - 7
Triple Play - 2
Triple Threads - 19
Tri Star Obak - 1
Tribute - 10
544 different Paul Goldschmidt cards

I also have 235 duplicates.

By adding this collection of 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards, I could, in theory, more than double my Goldschmidt PC, but I know that won't happen. I'm hoping to be able to add about 200 new Goldschmidt cards to my collection.

I love being able to quickly look through my cards in binders, but for my player collections I don't like the idea of a run of cards together, but I also don't like the thought of cards numbered to 50 or less just being in a binder page. That's the reason I went with top loaders.

I'm going to have to take another look at how I store my Goldschmidt collection and see if I want to continue with the top loaders or move everything into pages and binders.

What are your thoughts? How do you store your player collections?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Finishing up the Facebook Marketplace Purchase and Prizes for an Upcoming Contest

Alright, I'm going to try to finish up my Facebook Marketplace purchase in one last post here. I don't think I'll have any pictures because this is mostly for me anyways.

I was at $44 dollars worth previously.

1991 Studio Set, missing just 7 cards. 51, 53, 112, 154, 171, and 234 with Rod Carew puzzle  - $5
Boardwalk Baseball All-Time Records Holders 44 card set - $5
Circle K All-Time Home Run Kings 33 card set - $5

So that puts me at $59.

I went through and pulled out 9 cards from every set represented so I could put them in a binder. Probably got about 25 different pages; everything from 1986 O-Pee-Chee to 1994 Leaf. I'm going to give each page a $1 value. So that puts me at $84.

Next I tried giving away all the other cards via Twitter. The guy that I found locally offered me D-Backs bobbleheads in exchange. i told him it wasn't needed, but if he wanted I did need one bobblehead from last year, so he gave me the 2018 Ketel Marte Luchador bobblehead and he even through in a Zach Grenike mini bobblehead that wasn't a stadium giveaway, but was part of a package if you made a donation to the Phoenix Children's Hospital a couple years ago.So I value those two bobbleheads conservatively at $30. My total now is at $114.

So for $100 I got $114 worth of value in my opinion between various cards and the two bobbleheads, plus I got 19 factory sealed Topps sets. Not bad.

Now, I'll be working on the contest that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I've got the prizes, but I haven't got the contest figured out just yet.

I did pick up another prize for the contest recently though. Not sure if anyone would be interested in a Ron Tompkins rookie card. In addition to the Tompkins rookie card, I have the 1956 Hank Aaron and the 1978 Eddie Murray RC.

With prizes this big, I might need a while to come up with the contest, so be patient.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Only 22 cards to go for the 1991 Topps Archives Set

The collection I purchased recently had a small stack of 1991 Topps Archives cards paying homage to the 1953 Topps set. I happen to be trying to complete this set, so I went through the 24 cards and found two cards I needed for my set. Not going to assign a dollar amount to these because it would be less than $1, but it was still a nice find and hopefully I can complete this set soon.

By adding these two cards, I now need just 22 cards to complete the set. if you have any I need, let me know so we can work out a trade.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

9 cards...I mean 27 cards from 1992 Stadium Club

In my opinion, 1992 Stadium Club took a step backwards after a stellar 1991 inaugural set. The 1992 set is nice, it just wasn't as good as the 1991 set, again, in my opinion. The photography was still good, but it wasn't ground breaking anymore. Topps also took the set to the extreme by issuing 3 Series with 300 cards each for the biggest set Topps would ever produce up to that point and for several more years, with a whopping 900 cards.

The collection that I purchased off Facebook Marketplace had probably about 350 cards representing all three series. I was able to find 9 cards from each series to fill a page in a binder. I tossed the rest as they had a lot of condition issues.

Here are the three pages I saved for my collection, which again I will value at $1 per page, so $3 for this post and $48 so far towards my goal of $100.

Series I

Series II

Series III (I had to include the checklist, which is card #900)

Monday, March 11, 2019

9 cards from 1991 Stadium Club

While the guy I bought the collection from appears to have been a member of the Stadium Club in 1991, other than the Charter Member and Members Only cards, he only had 5 pages in a binder filled with Series I from that year. He had two of the more iconic cards though from the set, so that was nice. Previously I had selected a binder page from 1991 Stadium Club Series II, so it worked out nicely that all his cards were from Series I.

Stadium Club was revolutionary back in 1991 and I don't remember being able to afford much of it. They were the first borderless cards to my knowledge and the photo quality and gloss were just next level. Then they took a couple of photos of two big name pitchers in tuxedos and put it on cards and collectors everywhere went crazy! I remember that card being hard to find and selling for between $5 - $10 easy.

I picked out my 9 favorite and I'm going to assign it a $1 value since I could probably find most of these in a dime box, maybe not the Nolan Ryan, but I'm going to say $1 for the 9 card lot, so that puts me at $45 so far.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Were you a member of the Stadium Club?

1991 was a good collecting year for the guy that I got the collection from off Facebook Marketplace. Not only did he have the 1991 Topps Baseball Factory set, a 1991 Topps Traded Baseball Factory set, a 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Factory set, and the 1991 Upper Deck Final Baseball set which I've already mentioned, but he had 1991 Factory sets of Pacific, Upper Deck and Bowman Football and two boxes of 1991 Bowman Football that he just opened and put the cards back in the boxes.

Because I have no interest, for the most part, in football cards at this time, I will probably sell these sets for cheap. I'm going to assign them a value of $10 total for the three sets.

But this guy was not done in 1991 just yet. He also became a member of the Stadium Club. Included in the collection were actually two Charter Member sets. Well...almost two complete sets. One of them is missing the David Justice card.

One of the sets came in the original box with the bronze Nolan Ryan medallion and Stadium Club key chain. Also included in the collection was a complete set of Members Only cards from 1991.

Okay, so I was up to $15 previously.

1991 Pacific, Upper Deck and Bowman Football - $10
1991 Stadium Club Charter Member Box with Charter Member set, Nolan Ryan Medallion, and key chain. - $10
1991 Stadium Club Charter Member set missing David Justice card - $4
1991 Stadium Club Members Only set - $5

This puts me at $44 so far towards the $100.