Friday, June 22, 2018

Hall of Fame Friday - Ted Williams

The career numbers for Ted Williams are staggering and he missed three full seasons and parts of two others due to military service. If you project out his career stats factoring in the missed time he would rank sixth in hits, fourth in home runs, and first in RBI.

Williams wore the number 9 throughout his career. Let's take a look at 9 Ted Williams cards from my collection.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

9 Reasons I Love This Card

I picked this card up as an anniversary gift for myself. Since it was my 9th anniversary, I'm going to list 9 reasons why I love this card.

1. It's Paul Goldschmidt. My favorite player on my favorite team.

2. Great looking design. It's very Miami like with all the palm trees in the background.

3. Small, but nice picture of Goldschmidt wearing the same jersey that the relic is from.

4. In the picture Goldschmidt is smiling. He's such a humble guy that it's not something you see him do very often.

5. Extra little piece of white thread on the right side.

6. More Miami on the back, including the a sweet looking All-Star game logo!

7. "The relic contained on this card is from a workout jersey worn during the 2017 MLB All-Star game festivities." I love game or event specific relics!

8. It's a 1/1!

9. Now I only need the letters G, O, L, D, S, M, I, D, and T to complete his name.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

9 cards from Collecting Cutch

I celebrated the ninth anniversary of my blog yesterday and guess what arrived in the mail yesterday. A package from fellow blogger Brian, of the blog Collecting Cutch. Not only did he send me a package that arrived on the day of my 9th anniversary, but the package guessed it...9 cards! It's like he planned it!

Here are the 9 cards.

Now, as you all know Brian is an Andrew McCutchen super collector. He has an amazing collection with 196 1/1 cards. Yes, you read that correctly. He has almost 200 Andrew McCutchen 1/1 cards. I've become a McCutchen fan mostly because of looking at Brian's awesome collection. Brian sent me 5 McCutchen cards.

Brian added a little commentary to this card when he wrote on the team bag "I love hitting walk offs against D-Backs" since Cutch did the Diamondbacks in earlier this season.

Brian didn't just send the McCutchen cards. He included a sweet Fire parallel of Goldschmidt numbered to 299.

Brian also included some Randy Johnson cards. This one from Fire.

On the back of this card we learn who gave Randy Johnson the nickname "Big Unit". Anyone know who it was?

I gotta say the Fire Randy Johnson card has got a lot going on and I'm not sure the style really matches the rest of the product. i would expect to find it in something like Opening Day or maybe Bunt, but it's growing on me.

This next Randy Johnson Topps Gallery card is a bit more traditional and reserved.

Finally, with card number 9 Brian hit a grand slam. Not only is it a bat card of the Big Unit, but it's a dual bat relic with fellow pitching ace Greg Maddux. This card features Maddux batting and will go in my Chicks dig the long ball collection. Thank you so much Brian!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Nine years ago today I started this blog. Hard to believe that it's been 9 years. I've moved, had a child, earned two college degrees, changed jobs, during the past 9 years. And the one thing that has remained constant during that time has been It's like having my own Card Shop. 

For the rest of the month all my blog posts will revolve around the number 9 in honor of my anniversary. I'll even be running a contest to celebrate, so get ready for that.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Twitter Trade

A week or so ago I discovered I was sitting on roughly $3k in Didi Gregorious rookie cards. Okay, maybe not $3k, but I was shocked to see how much his stuff was going for on eBay.

Looks like it's calmed down a bit, but I put some cards up on Twitter and got quite a few responses. So far I was only able to work out one trade, but it's a good one.

I traded a base Topps Chrome Rookie Auto and a base Topps Update and Heritage RC for these Goldschmidt cards.

This 2011 Topps Update Cognac Diamond Parallel was the main piece of the trade. It was basically the auto for this rookie parallel and then the rest was just throw ins.