Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ryan Roberts has been traded to the Rays

Ryan Roberts was traded tonight to the Tampa Bay Rays for minor league second baseman Tyler Bortnick. Roberts was a fan favorite here in Arizona and will be missed. He played hard and had fun, everything that you could ask out of a player. I had the opportunitty to meet him and he was really nice. I will still continue to collect him. The card below is a recent eBay pick-up. It's a 2012 Allen & Ginter mini.


  1. Sorry to hear that! I know you've been chasing a lot of his stuff lately.

  2. He was my kida favorite player. He signed more autos for fans than the rest of the Dback team put together. Except for Gibby there isn't. really anyone on the team I like anyore. I should be at the game Saturday as long as the baby doesn't decide to come thaat day. (I'd fix all those typos but I'm afraif to backspace on my phone and erase it all)