Friday, October 18, 2013

Catching Up

I've been getting some good stuff in from eBay recently, like for instance today I got 4 packages in the mail. 3 of them were 1 of 1's. I'm anxious to show off what I've gotten but I've got scans of cards that I've been sitting on for a while so I want to post those first.

First up is this 2009 Topps Heritage Gerardo Parra rookie card that I got signed at the last D-Backs game that I went to. It was the same game that I got to meet Augie Ojeda and Doug Davis. That was back in September, so I'm glad to finally post this one.

Next up are some dime pick-ups from a card show I went to a few weekends ago. Nothing big. For some reason I like cards featuring Presidents of the United States. I also got a card for my Multiple Bat Collection and one for my Cards featuring Awards Collection. There are a couple of other random cards and then a Ryan Roberts card that I needed. 

Last but not least is a lot of Paul Goldschmidt cards that I picked up off eBay about a month ago. 

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