Saturday, December 7, 2013

Card Shop Pick-Up

I picked this card up at my LCS this week. While I was drawn to it because of the player, after examining it I've really come to appreciate the design. It's got a large color photograph of the player. A designated spot for the autograph that lets the signature really stand out. The name of the player and the team logo are clearly displayed and the fact that is a certified autograph is obvious, but it doesn't take away from the rest of the card. The fact that you can read every letter in Augie's autograph just adds to the overall greatness of the card!

I mentioned that I was originally drawn to the card because of the player. Augie spent parts of 9 seasons with a few different teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks. While with the D-Backs (2007 - 2010) Augie was a fan favorite. He even had a bobblehead giveaway. Last season he made a couple appearances in relation to the D-Backs Alumni game. Because he was mostly a utility player, Ojeda didn't have many cards and so I was only able to find a few to get signed. When I saw this card with it's $1 price tag, I just had to have it.

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