Friday, October 7, 2016

Stranger Things from Baseball Card Breakdown

I got a package this week from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. I won a contest he hosted recently and couldn't have been happier with the prize. 

If you are familiar with Gavin and his blog you know how talented he is when it comes to customs. He has created some amazing cards over the years and his most recent creations pay tribute to the Netflix drama that took this summer by storm; Stranger Things. 

I happened to be unemployed when this was released and my wife and kids were out of town, so I watched the entire series in one day. Loved every second of it. It totally reminds me of classic movies from my childhood, like E.T. and Goonies and has a slight Stephen King vibe. I watched the series a second time with my wife after she returned. This time over the course of about a week.

Check out the cards Gavin created. One card per year, 1981 - 1989. 

Dustin is my favorite character from the show and I plan on being him for Halloween. 

I thought the acting was great throughout, but Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers stands out.

Another great character that you grow to love.

This guy makes a great bad guy.

Here is the other bad guy. I have a theory about it, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who is planning on watching. 

The casting for Barb was perfect and I love all that "What about Barb?" stuff. Steve's character has some ups and downs, but he ends up stepping up his game at the end of the season.

Mike and Nancy are siblings on the show and I think they look like they could be brother and sister in real life. 

Sheriff Jim Hopper risks life and limb to save the residents of his sleepy small town. 

The star of the series is a young girl know only as 011 with some unusual abilities steals the show. 

Thank you so much Gavin for the cards! I love them! To make sure you know how much I love them and show appreciation for all that you do for the blogosphere, I have a card I'll be sending your way for your collection. 

Here is a sneak peak. See if you can figure it out. 



  1. Woo! I'm happy the cards were won by somebody who really loves the show. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm excited for the mysterious thank-you card!

  2. Whoa! Those are so cool! A few of the cast members will be at the comic con fan fest! I wanted to get this poster signed, but I missed out on buying it.

    1. I saw that. Eleven and the Sheriff I think are the two I saw. $40 each is a little out of my price range, but it would be really cool.

  3. Gavin's customs are awesome! I'm so glad he created a set for this awesome show. I really hope somebody produces a trading card set for it and releases Dustin Henderson autographs and relics.

    P.S. Looks like someone is getting a new 12/24 card for their collection.

    1. A Stranger things trading card set with autos and relics would be really awesome! You're on the right track, just off a digit. 12/25


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