Friday, December 22, 2017

1991 Fleer Pro Vision

My recent comc order was dominated by Paul Goldschmidt cards, but I did pick up a few other cards.

As a kid I opened a lot of 1991 Fleer. That's probably why I like the design to this day, while so many others despise the so called "Yellow Monster".

I have the complete set, but with an estimated 3 million copies of each card, who doesn't?

One thing I didn't have though was the complete Pro Vision set that was inserted into Wax and Rack packs of 1991 Fleer.

I had 9 of the 12, so I picked up the 3 cards (Eric Davis, Mark McGwire, and Don Mattingly) I needed to complete the set.

Here's the set in all it's glory!

Which one is your favorite? I think mine is the Ruben Sierra card. I love all the details. The cacti in the background. The badge. The sunset. The smoke coming off his bat.

Next I need to get the white Pro Vision set that was issued with factory sets. There are only 4 cards (Barry Bonds, Rickey Henderson, Ryne Sandberg, and Dave Stewart). If you happen to have these and would be willing to trade, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. Pro Visions were so great back in the day. I love the artwork and the cartoon-ish aspects. My favorite out of this lot is the Mike Greenwell card with the Green Monster in the background.

  2. I love the old Pro Vision cards. I'd have to choose a favorite between Cal and Doc.

  3. Will Clark, because he was my favorite player at that time. From pure eye appeal, I take McGwire.

    I live in Arlington, where the Rangers play, and I’ve never seen that kind of cactus. Ha!

  4. White Pro Vision set? Gotta look for these. I'm torn between Mattingly and McGwire. I like both of their backgrounds.

  5. Because it's Christmas, I'm going with Greenwell and the Grinch, or Green Monster behind him.

    I love 1991 Fleer. I'm trying to get all the Pirates TTM. It's the only TTM set I have ever attempted.