Sunday, May 9, 2010

A unique eBay experience!!

I bought this 2010 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection DAN HAREN Jersey card off eBay last Sunday. When it arrived I noticed that it had a small crease on the front of the card that I had not noticed when looking at it on eBay. The crease goes from the tip of the home plate/jersey to the edge of the card. You can see a tiny white spot above the "o" in Worn, that's where the crease is.

I left the seller positive feedback but mentioned that the card had a small crease on front that was not visable in scan and not mentioned in the listing. About 20 minutes after leaving the feedback, I saw that I had an email from PayPal. The eBay seller had refunded me my money and left a note saying that he was sorry, that he had not noticed the crease, and for me to keep the card. I was shocked. I had not expected the seller to do anything, and  I realize that the crease is most likely from the factory (that's why I left positive feedback). Seller rebos went above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I thanked him and let him know that he will have a repeat customer. Check out his other items on eBay if you get a chance. It's nice to know that there are good eBay sellers out there committed to doing the right thing. Thanks rebos!


  1. nice to hear a good story about a good ebay seller.

    they are too few and far between. both the stories and the sellers.

  2. Nice Ebay story. Unlike Carl Crawford Cards experience.

  3. Always nice to hear stories like this. Thanks for sharing...

  4. That's the way a seller should operate. I will now check out his auctions since he is a good seller.