Saturday, July 3, 2010

Card Shop Purchases: 7/3/10

I went to a couple of card shops today. I picked up the first 2 cards at one shop and the 3rd card at the other shop. I paid $1 each for the Ryan and Webb and $5 for the Steve Finley Patch card.

1991 Stadium Club NOLAN RYAN - I've wanted this card for a long time. Do you remember when 1991 Stadium Club first came out? This has long been the most popular and highest valued card from that inagural issue of Stadium Club.

2010 Bowman BRANDON WEBB Orange #'d 125/250 - Another Webb to add to my collection.

2003 Playoff Prestige STEVE FINLEY Players Collection Patch #'d 272/325- Sweet 3 color patch and it even matches the jersey pictured on the card. Well done Playoff!


  1. I loved the '91 Stadium was what got me back into the hobby...had a cousin who worked at a baseball card shop and I got a deal on the product before it went sky-rocketing up in price....beautiful cards/set