Monday, October 4, 2010


How does someone that goes 34-49 get offered a two year contract? The Arizona Diamondbacks just announced that they signed interum manager Kirk Gibson to a 2-year deal, with a team option for 2013. How does an organization look at someone with a .409 success rate and say, "Yeah, that's the direction that we want to go." I just don't understand it. Why not take some time and see if they can find a better candidate for the job? I loved Gibson as a player, but he didn't get it done as a manager. Am I the only one that sees this? A.J. Hinch was 31-48 this year when he was fired by the Diamondbacks. That record is not much different than Gibson's record of 34-49. I'm a huge D-Backs fan, but sometimes I just don't think that they make smart baseball decisions. I hope they prove me wrong!

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