Tuesday, October 12, 2010

49 down, 1 to go! Thanks Joe!

The thoughtfulness and generosity of the bloggers out there never ceases to amaze me. Joe, of the blog The Sandlot, commented on one of my post about my Multiple Bat collection that he had picked up a card for me off eBay that he thought I would like. I got his package today and found inside, an awesome Ernie banks card that I had never seen before. It is a 1977 TCMA card that features the Cubs slugger holding what appears to me to be 7 baseball bats! This is my 49th multiple bat card since I started officially collecting them at the beginning of this year. I only need 1 more to reach my goal of 50. Thanks Joe! I know you said not to worry about sending anything back in return, but you can expect a little something from me in return for your thoughtfulness!

1977 TCMA Ernie Banks

As if the Banks Multiple Bat card wasn't enough, Joe added a few D-Backs for my collection!

2007 SP Rookie Edition Brian Barden RC

2007 SP Rookie Edition Micah Owings RC

1998 Fleer Tradition Andy Benes

2006 Upper Deck Chad Tracy


  1. Awesome dude, glad you liked 'em!

  2. That Banks card is a total flashback. I remember seeing that card in an advertisement for that set and wanting to order it so bad.