Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here's what I got with my eBay bucks!

I had $2.59 in eBay bucks that were going to expire so I browsed eBay for a few days until I found a card that I wanted that would be covered by my eBay bucks. I got this 2009 Upper Deck X JUSTIN UPTON Memorabilia card for $2.00 shipped.

With $0.59 in eBay bucks remaining, I did some more looking and ended up winning an auction titled: "Lot of 3 ROOKIES Superstar and HOFer for $.01 shipped" The $.01 referred to the starting bid since it had free shipping. I ended up winning it for $0.26. Here are the three cards that I got. Not too bad for $0.26.

1982 Squirt GEORGE BRETT

1994 Score CAL RIPKEN JR.

2007-08 Topps JOAKIM NOAH

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  1. There's so many dirty things I'm thinking of right now thanks to George Brett's card.