Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexpected Cards from Night Owl

Night Owl, seems to always pull nice D-Backs cards. I'm sure that is insanely frustrating for a devout Dodger fan, but I love it, because we trade D-Backs for Dodgers on a regular basis. Today I got an unexpected package of D-Backs from Night Owl. let's see what he sent me. Thanks Night Owl! I'll get some Dodgers in the mail for you shortly!

2011 Bowman Gold Parallel and Base of slugger Justin Upton

2010 Bowman Gold Parallel and Base Rookie Cards of Daniel Hudson - Hudson had an amazing rookie year last season but has started off a little slow this season. He is currently 6-5, but his 6 wins have come in his last 7 starts, so he appears to be heating up. Let's hope he can continue.

2011 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor of Thomas Layne numbered 068/700 and 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Card of John Hester

2005 UD Pros & Prospects Tier 1 Parallel of Koyie Hill numbered 679/999 - This card is frustrating for both Night Owl and myself because Koyie is wearing a Dodgers jersey, but it lists him as a Diamondback.

2008 UD Timeline Chris Young - Young is having another solid season at the plate and in the field.

1991 Upper Deck Final Ryan Klesko - A sweet looking card for my Multiple Bats collection!  

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  1. My ability to pull lots of players from an N.L. West team other than the Dodgers has moved from the Rockies to the Diamondbacks. It better not move to the Giants.