Monday, November 26, 2012 Purchase

I participated in Black Friday sale and was pleasently surprised to see the cards arrive in my mailbox today. Most of what I got was for my oldest son for Christmas and I'll post that at a later time. I did grab a few Brandon Webb cards for my Webb collection. I purchased 16 cards total, so I got free shipping. Here are the cards I got for myself with what I paid. I did get the $0.10 credit back on each card I purchased, so that was a nice little bonus.

2003 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 523/900 - $1.15
 2003 Donruss Classics 0923/1500 - $1.15

2003 Fleer Authentic Ticket to the Majors 0678/1250 - $0.74

2003 Topps Chrome - $1.25

2008 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey - $2.05

2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey - $0.63

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