Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last chance to vote! + Cards from Hot Corner Cards - Part 3

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I got an amazing package the other day from Pat of the blog, Hot Corner Cards. He sent a bunch of awesome cards that I'm showing off over several posts. Thanks Pat!

Patrick sent me some cards of Patrick....Patrick Corbin that is. These cards are from 2013 Topps update and are the All-Star and All-Star Stitches card for Diamondbacks All-Star Patrick Corbin. I love both of these cards and was blown away when I saw the All-Star Stitches card!

GCRL does a fantastic job posting about memorial patches worn by players and so every time I see one now, I think about him. The 19 on Corbin's jersey is in honor of 19 firefighters; the Granite Mountain Hotshots, that lost their lives fighting a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona on June 30, 2013.

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