Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Million Dollar Arm Autographs

File:Million Dollar Arm poster.jpg

I'm in the process of watching Mad Men on Netflix and now As I type I'm watching Season 6, Episode 6. Trying to get all caught up before Season 7 starts. Jon Hamm is great as Don Draper and I expect him to be good in the upcoming movie Million Dollar Arm.

I saw the trailer and did a little research on the two players and picked up their 2009 Bowman Sterling Autographs. I got them both for a little under $10 shipped off eBay.


  1. Zooming in I can see that Patel has some sort of athletic tape, but in regular size it looks like he just got a girl's phone number.

  2. Those are cool cards! Singh is actually still in the system last I checked. I know Patel got released fairly quick.