Monday, March 10, 2014

Trade with a reader of the blog named Joe

I got an email recently from a reader of my blog named Joe (at least he doesn't have a blog that I know of) asking if I wanted to make a trade. We exchanged a few emails and a trade was arranged. He's a Barry Larkin collector, just like Nachos Grande. So if you have any Larkin cards you're looking to move send them to Joe or Nachos Grande. Here's what I got from Joe.

Two Goldschmidt cards I needed and a third where Goldschmidt is making a cameo, along with some other nice D-Backs cards! Thanks Joe!

1 comment:

  1. You're Welcome, and Thanks for the shout out Daniel. Other bloggers might also want to know that I am looking for Chris Johnson Titans cards for my son, in addition to Barry Larkin for myself. I have a limited collection to deal out. btw, I do NOT have a blog but enjoy reading others' and doing small trades.