Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trade with Need More Cardboard

Andrew, of the blog Need More Cardboard, recently picked up a sweet Brandon Webb patch/auto and I commented letting him know how much I liked it. He said he was open to trading it, so we worked out a trade. Thanks Andrew!

Here is the Webb card that initiated the trade!

I have the jersey/auto version already, but this patch version is really nice and it's numbered to 55!

Andrew included several other fantastic D-Backs cards!

Love this Baxter card! This will get signed this season. 

My first auto of pitching prospect Braden Shipley.

This is an A & G back mini of Stephen Drew.

Gillespie made his MLB debut with the D-Backs in 2010, but has bounced around a bunch of teams since then. he signed a minor league deal with the Marlins in December. 

Sometimes I'm frustrated by the lack of D-Backs cards that Curt Schilling has. I have to remind myself that he was only with the D-Backs for two full seasons.


  1. Thanks again for the trade! I have a ton of stuff to scan, including our trade, but I'll have a post up soon!