Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Package from Baseball Card Breakdown

Earlier this week I got an unexpected Christmas package from Gavin, of the blog Baseball Card Breakdown. Thank you very much Gavin!

Gavin runs a great blog and is always coming up with new and creative stuff for the blogosphere!

Here is an example of what Gavin is doing/has done. Here is a custom Carsdphere Heroes card of Ken Griffey Jr. that Gavin created. Great photo choice and a great design!

Here's the back! Another great photo and Gavin even mentioned my blog along with several others. How cool is that! To top it off, Gavin added a different color star to each card he made so that each is a 1/1! Love it! Thanks Gavin!

Next up are the other cards that Gavin sent. Here is a card of the pitcher who threw the first pitch in D-Backs history, Andy Benes and one of the pitcher who threw the last pitch in D-Backs history, at least up until the end of the 2015 season, Brad Ziegler.

Here are a couple of Stadium Club Chrome cards. I believe these were from a box break that Gavin did earlier this year. 

Here's a nice Topps Chrome Chris Owings. 

Last, but certainly not least, are a couple of Luis Gonzalez. The Ultimate Victory parallel looks AMAZING in person and is numbered 053/100! Thank you so much Gavin for an awesome package!


  1. That Luis Gonzalez parallel is trippy.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Very nice. I just posted my haul from Gavin last night as well.

  3. I wish those Turn the Clock Ahead jerseys showed up on cards more often!

  4. Love the details on that custom. Cool idea.

  5. So just from reading I see that the 19 patch means a lot to you. I've got a jersey with that patch on it that I won from a $50 mystery bag. Any chance you have any Chris Owings 2014 National treasures cards?

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