Monday, December 14, 2015

The rest of my comc order!

My last couple of posts have featured cards I got from recently that completed some insert sets. 

Here is the rest of my order. 

This is a great looking set and the gold parallels are numbered to 50. You'll notice that I'm somewhat partial to gold Goldschmidt cards.

This is the paper gold parallel which is also numbered to 50.

This gold Topps Tek parallel is numbered to 99.

Ben Petrick has an amazing story and I try to pick up his cards every now and then. I got this one for $0.75. The autograph looks fantastic!

I added a couple of Brandon Webb cards to my collection. The autograph is numbered to 299 and the bat card is numbered to 25. 

Next up are a couple of autographs from a couple of current and one former D-Back.

To finish off my order here are a couple of autographs from players that left us too soon.