Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cards from YouTubers!

I got two packages in the mail this past week from YouTubers.

I recently sent TTM requests to Frank Tanana and Rick Reuschel. I got the cards back signed by Frank Tanana, but Rick Reuschel sent my cards back unsigned.

The reason I had sent to them is because they are the only two pitchers to give up home runs to both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds.

I mentioned this on YouTube when I got the cards back unsigned by Reuschel and asked if anyone might have a Reuschel auto to trade. I got a response from squeepa21. He said he had an extra auto he would send my way. When I asked what he'd like in return he said to just pay it forward.

Here is the Rick Reuschel auto he sent.

There were two other cards in the package from squeepa21. He sent this Archie Bradley Prizm auto and... 

...this beautiful blue Prizm Signature Distinctions Paul Goldschmidt auto numbered 10/20.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. He sent it in a magnetic and a bag and it looks so nice that I couldn't bear to take it out of case. Thank you Phil!

Next up is a package from YouTuber Ricky Russo. He was recently selling some cards on ebay through Evolution Sports Marketing and asked anyone that bought something of his to do a video. Ricky sent something to everybody that did so.

Here are the three cards that he sent me. Thanks Ricky! 

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