Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TTM Tuesday

I'm going to start posting a weekly recap of my TTM (through the mail) autographs on Tuesday. This is my first installment and will feature everything that I've gotten over the last month or so, but haven't yet featured on my blog.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Andruw Jones was signing through the mail recently and so I sent him a few cards. I have fond memories of watching Andruw as a young kid on some great Braves teams.

Next up is pitcher Frank Tanana. He signed the 6 cards I sent and even sent one of his own. The 6 that I sent all ave a different Bible verse all from the book of John.


I sent two cards to former NFL player and current ESPN radio and tv show host Mike Golic. They were both the same card, so I'll only show one, but he did sign them both.

I sent out a few requests recently to NFL owners and got them both back fairly quickly.

Here is one from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Here is one from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


Kenny "Sky" Walker signed this 4 x 6 photo for me for him during the 1989 Slam Dunk contest which he won. 


I sent four index cards to Mort Walker asking for signatures for my boys and I. He sent back three signed index cards. 

Mort created the Beetle Bailey comic strip which has been around for 65+ years and is still going strong.


  1. Andruw's got himself a wonderful signature - it almost looks like he uses a level to keep it perfectly straight!