Sunday, September 18, 2016

Family Ties: Chip of the Old Block

There are some pretty famous father and son combos that have played professional baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr., Bobby and Barry Bonds for example. Then there are others that aren't as well known.

I recently came across this 1992 Upper Deck card of Mark Eichhorn.

It's a great card! There were lots of great photos used in the 1992 Upper Deck set. This photo was likely taken right after Desert Storm.

I wasn't familiar with Mark Eichhorn so I googled him and read his Wikipedia page. Turns out he has a son that was drafted by the Diamondbacks. Here is the section of the page that talks about his son Kevin.

Since I recently sorted all my Diamondbacks by last name, I quickly found a card of Kevin Eichhorn.

Kevin is no longer with the D-Backs organization. He was traded to the Tigers organization back in 2011. I'm not sure if he's even still in professional baseball. 

Take a look at the back of the card.

Looks like Topps got their "Up Close" information from Dad's Wikipedia page. 


  1. There must be close to 100 father and son Pro ballers these days.

    1. Yeah, I'm going to start setting them aside in a binder or a box.