Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tradeathon with Jaybarkerfan's Junk

I got a package last week from JayBarkerfan's Junk as part of his Holiday Tradeathon. I claimed two cards.

First up is a well-loved 1954 Topps card of Ferris Fain.

Fain had quite the career. In just 9 seasons in the big leagues, he was a five time All-Star and won two batting titles (1951 and 1952). This becomes even more impressive as we take a look at the back of the card; specifically the Inside Baseball comic strip that states that during the 1951 season he picked up a bat that some kids left behind and used it to win the batting title. How crazy is that?

Aside from Fain being a great player, I wanted this card to complete my 1954 Topps sheet for my Topps Page-A-Year binder. I don't think I've showed any of pages from this project or really even talked about it on my blog, but it's something I've been passively working on for a while now. I'm just trying to get one sheet (8 or 9 cards depending on the year) from each year 1952 - present. 

The other card I requested from as part of the Tradeathon was this 1959 Topps Curt Flood. 

This second year card of Flood is in decent shape and Flood is someone that I'd like to eventually get all of their Topps base cards, so when I saw this up for grabs I had to pounce. This is just my third Topps base card (1959, 1967, and 1970) of Flood, so I still need to pick up a few of his cards (1958 RC, 1960-66, 1968, and 1969). If you have any Curt Flood cards that I need that would be for trade, please let me know.

Wes also sent a pack of 1996 Fleer Tradition Update.

1996 Fleer is well known by autograph collectors because of the matte finish and Fleer even capitalized on it at the time by making it a part of wrapper. You can get a sense of it by taking a look at this Tim Raines card. 

 The best card form the pack was the Tiffany parallel card of Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg.

Thanks for the trade Wes! You'll be getting your package sometime this week.

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