Saturday, May 20, 2017

Triple Threads and Tribute from the card show.

Here's a few more cards from the card show today.

I mentioned this on Twitter already, but I'll put it out in the blogosphere as well. I am not a fan of the  foil autograph stickers, but I had to pick up this 2007 Topps Triple Threads jersey/autograph of Dan Uggla numbered to 99 when I saw it for 83 cents.

Here are a bunch of base cards from 2017 Tribute. 

The Bryant and Griffey set me back 83 cents each, but the others were only 14 cents each.

Tomorrow I'll finish off my card show recap!


  1. Yeah... I'm not a fan of the foil autographs either (although there was a time, when I really liked them). However... for 83¢, that Uggla would be very difficult to pass up.

  2. I think those are 2017 Tribute. Triple Threads hasn't come out yet to my knowledge. Very similar looking logos. I get them mixed up all the time too. Dibs on the Cutch if willing to move. I only have the purple so far, need all other parallels.

    1. You were right about the Tribute. I fixed it. I'll send the Cutch your way.