Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ever had a card rust before?

 I picked up a small lot of 1996 Leaf Preferred Steel cards from my LCS this past Saturday from the 15/$1 boxes.

I don't ever remember seeing rust on a card before but you can see what appears to be rust on the bottom of this Ron Gant card.

These cards were inserted 1 per pack and contain a protective film. Obviously the "protective film" does not protect the card from rust.

For those who wonder if the film is supposed to be removed, it tells you. So I did. Here;s what it looks like.


  1. Well, that's a pretty unique characteristic. Look out for SSSSSSSP rust-stain variations in next year's products!

  2. I have a complete set of these. I sure hope rust hasn't spread like a virus through my set.

  3. Rust on a card is new to me. My first thought is exactly what Tony thought, new rust damaged parallels.

  4. Never seen nor heard of rust before.