Sunday, October 22, 2017


I picked up four packs of 2017 Topps Update yesterday at my LCS. Update is typically one of my favorite issues. This was my first in person look at the 2017 offering.

Take a look at what I pulled.

First up, is one of the 600+ Short Prints in the set. It features Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman who is headed to the World Series.

I'll be routing for the Astros in the Fall Classic, but this SP is up for grabs. I'd love to trade for the Paul Goldschmidt SP if possible.

Eventually I'll be completing the set, so these base cards aren't for trade but this is my favorite base card I pulled.

Like I said, I purchased four packs and I pulled two Aaron Judge cards. Why does Aaron judge get a Rookie Debut card in 2017 Update when his debut was 8/13/16?

Why does an All-Star card have a RC logo?

What do you think about this years Update set?


  1. I’m pretty much over it and Topps generally. It feels like the “how many stupid short prints can we shoehorn into a set.” And how many Aaron Judge cards do we really need?

  2. Dang... Topps is really going over the top with Aaron Judge and those rookie card logos. I'm not a big fan of that.

  3. It pains me to say it, but Update just plain sucks this year. All Judges and Bellingers and SPs and no actual UPDATES. No guys in new uniforms: no Jay Bruce with the Indians, no Todd Frazier with the Yankees, etc. And worse yet, Yu Darvish as a Dodger is one of the six million SPs -- which means that a card of a guy in an updated uniform is presented as a a set literally called TOPPS UPDATE. Bleh.

    By the way, that Cano you pulled is yet another SP.

  4. I'm completely unimpressed... Topps needs to cut back on the gimmicks DRASTICALLY...

    I'm looking for quality in my card sets, not smoke and mirrors... If I was trying to complete this set, I would be very disappointed in this...