Friday, May 4, 2018

Sometimes you get lucky.

I consider myself to be a pretty lucky guy. I've never won the lottery or anything like that, but I've won some pretty awesome stuff over the years. When I used to buy boxes I pulled some nice stuff. I pulled a Joe DiMaggio auto, an Ichiro Jumbo Patch, and a Derek Jeter auto to name a few.

I don't buy many boxes anymore or packs for the most part. Every once in a while I still pick up a blaster or a few packs though. Such was the case a few weeks ago when Target was having a sale on Topps cards. I picked up a hanger pack of Gypsy Queen that I think had three packs and a pack of three green parallels. 

I didn't pull an autograph or a relic card, but I did beat the odds and pulled a green parallel of my favorite player, Paul Goldschmidt, so I considered that lucky.

Here are my other two green parallels. They are up for trade if anyone is interested.


  1. Great job. I did tgecsamevthing last Year on got a green Justin Verlander.

    Goldy is so underrated , a great ballplayer.

  2. Target has sales on cards??? Someone alert my Target!

  3. I love a nice story with a happy ending. Always great to pull a parallel of guy from your team... even better when it's a PC guy!

  4. I'm kinda glad I've never pulled DiMaggio and Jeter autographs... and an Ichiro jumbo patch. If I had, I'd probably be addicted to busting wax. Well... I am addicted. But I'd be even more addicted. Congratulations on pulling the green Goldschmidt (and of course the DiMaggio, Jeter, and Ichiro).