Monday, May 14, 2018

The Sandlot

A week or so ago I read Fuji's post about the 25th Anniversary edition of the movie The Sandlot and I quickly found a copy on Amazon and made the purchase. A couple days later I had my copy in hand. 

Fuji showed off the cards already, but they are too cool not to show off again.

I love everything about the set, but I do have some questions. Why a 10 card set? 9 cards fits perfectly on one page. 10 cards, ugh. I'd rather them have done an 18 card set. 

So how about the extra 8 cards?  Well, I don't think there would have been any complaints if the other 8 cards all featured Wendy Peffercorn. But let's say that she only gets one. You could also have a card featuring Mr. Mertle, Mom, Bill, the Babe Ruth autographed baseball, Babe Ruth (from Benny's dream), the Police Chief, and the movie cover. Done.

I'm also curious as to how they came up with the order for the set. I would have probably done it alphabetically. They sort of went by position. First base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, center field, and then catcher, pitcher, mascot, right field.

I already own the movie so did anyone else pick up the 25th anniversary copy just for the cards?


  1. Need the movie and the cards... hopefully I'll find a copy local. I like your 18 card set idea. Wendy Peffercorn deserves a card for sure.

  2. I already had the movie on DVD... so it was mainly for the cards. Although... I liked the poster and the booklet that came with this bluray. Maybe they'll do an 18 card set for the 30th Anniversary card set ;)

  3. I thought about buying a copy when I saw them in Target, but I'd already spent so much that day-and I already have the movie. Couldnt justify paying $20 just for the cards, but they are very cool.