Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jersey & Card Set

So I am with the wife and kids at Toys' R US, a few months back and I convince my wife to let me get some cards. I decided to something new. You may have seen them before. Here is what the package looks like, or something similar. I think there are a couple of variations.

So for $7.99 I get a jersey card (actually it's not a jersey card - it's a jersey & card set, according to the package) and 3 packs. One of the packs was a 2007 Topps rack pack and I can't remember what the other two were, 2007 Fleer Ultra and maybe 2007 Topps Heritage, something like that. Anyways, back to the Jersey & card set. Here is what I got.

Jeff Bagwell. Not bad. I liked Bagwell. I like baseball design on the card. I think they choose a nice Bagwell card. The jersey piece (patch) is awesome! So, for $8 bucks I was pretty happy. I have gotten 2 more since then. I got Johnny Damon and Greg Maddux.

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