Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prize for winning Thoruzul's HR Derby contest

Thorzul at held a contest to predict the winner of the Home Run Derby. All you had to do was guess the winner and how many total homeruns they would hit. If you picked the correct player and were closest to the actual number then you won the contest. I choose Prince Fielder and was the closest to the actual number with a guess of 28. The prize, according to Thorzul, "a nice prize package related to the Brewers' all-time leader in home runs". I got the prize package in the mail yesterday. Thorzul was correct in his description. I got 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures insert of Robin Yount #'d on the back 1248/2500 and a 2005 Upper Deck Classic Moments insert of Robin Yount #'d on the front 1858/1999! Thanks Thorzul!

Look at the back of the Upper Deck card. They forgot the 000 after the 3, and I knew that there is no "i" in team, but I guess there is also no "i" in field either, according to Upper Deck.

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